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PRSTGE Review & Recommendations (2023)

Another men’s streetwear brand to catch my attention on Instagram is called PRSTGE. PRSTGE (Prestige) brings European-inspired streetwear here to the United States. In fact, most of their clothes look like they came from European streetwear brands, including brands I already shop at and have written reviews for them. After making a couple of purchases, I do like this brand. In my official PRSTGE review, I will share in detail my experience with them. At the end of this review is my wish list, which displays pieces I recommend checking out.



According to their website, PRSTGE is a worldwide supplier of men’s streetwear fashion. Born in 2012 and based here in the United States, its mission is to “deliver the world with the latest quality trends at affordable prices for everyone. They strive to bridge the gaps between modern and vintage fashion with alternative and urban styles.

My PRSTGE Experience

PRSTGE has re-branded several times since I first found them on Instagram in 2019. When I first came across them on Instagram, they were called Hoodstore. I came across a pair of jeans that are part of one of their collections. The collection is called HXXD Paris which did have its own Instagram.

Assuming HXXD Paris was the official brand, further research showed that it is just the name of one of their collections. Other collections Hoodstore had at the time are called Camolteni Milani and Tvtism. Eventually, their brand name became Hood Couture. Now, they go by PRSTGE. Why the name change? I do not know, they do not explain why. Either way, their clothing remains consistent, which I appreciate.

First Impressions

The first pair of jeans from Hoodstore I come across is their Double Striped Track Jeans in Black and Yellow. I like them because they are a unique pair of the increasingly popular ripped track jeans design. Instead of the popular one-side (or even two-sided) stripe on both legs, Hoodstore’s track jeans have two stripes on the outer side of the legs.

Originally, I wanted to purchase these jeans first because they were a unique alternative to the Lakenzie (now Reputation Studios) track jeans I already own. However, they always sold out when I was ready to buy. Personal financial issues also prevented me from buying these jeans when they were available. Now, they are permanently sold out.

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Other items that influenced my good first impression of PRSTGE include the Double Stripe Track Jeans V1 in both Blue/White and Gray/White and their Desert Storm Jeans in Blue. To be clear, the V2 jeans are ripped at the knees, while the V1 jeans are not. I did not care for their track pants.

First Purchase

Since I could never purchase the Double Stripe Track Jeans V2 in Black and Yellow, I chose the Light Gray and White pair instead. Despite not being the color scheme I originally wanted, I still love these jeans. Overall, they are perfect for slim men like me. I like how they fit on my calves. Also, they stretch well to conform to my movement, which helps make them feel comfortable overall.

Additional Purchases

After being satisfied with my first PRSTGE purchase, I decided to look into their shirt collection next. In terms of colors and graphic design, just about all their shirts were basic. However, Hoodstore made up for this by getting creative with their shirt’s physical features and material. They sold t-shirts with velour material, t-shirts with hoods, longline shirts, scalloped bottom, double-layered, t-shirts with zippers, and even front pockets.

My next order would include the Scalloped T-shirt with Side Zipper in Charcoal and the Stripe Track T-Shirt in Red. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with these two shirts. However, I did make a mistake by ordering these shirts in a medium when I should have ordered them in a small. This has nothing to do with Hoodstore, again I like the shirts. At the time, I thought I was still a size medium, despite actively exercising. One day, when I noticed how much my body toned up and improved, the size mistake could not be more apparent.

Tyler Jurelle wearing PRSTGE jeans and Yeezy Boost sneakers. All while admiring his Craftd London jewelry.


So far, I have not had any issues with PRSTGE’s shipping. All of my items arrived about a week after placing my orders. Yes, I am from the United States, where PRSTGE is based. However, I have shopped online at plenty of U.S.-based stores with bad shipping service.
As far as international shipping, PRSTGE ships its products to over 225 countries. On their website, they boast about how they can ship in express to all of these countries at the best rates.

Final Thoughts

PRSTGE continues to evolve as a company while expanding its collection with more items that catch my attention. Now, they are no longer selling branded t-shirts, only hoodies and pants. Not only have they re-stocked some of their iconic pants, but they are also selling more cargo pants and jeans. I appreciate them for keeping the skinny fit style with new items they release, as other brands are releasing more baggy-style pants.

Overall, I am grateful to have discovered PRSTGE. I admire the creativity this brand has, plus the time and energy they put into their clothing and shopping experience. The direction this streetwear brand is heading is a positive one. I look forward to continuing to support them on whatever they release next. Check out my official PRSTGE Wish List below to see all of the products I recommend. Also, leave a comment below on what you think.

PRSTGE Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my PRSTGE Recommendations. This section is a wish list of PRSTGE products I like, already own, would like to own, and recommend to you. I created and update this wish list through Pinterest. Hope you like what you see.

This post was originally published on: 08/22/2022
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