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Reputation Studios Review & Recommendations (2024)

Instagram knows that men’s fashion is one of my interests because of its advanced algorithm. I always come across new clothing brands. Whether it is an ad within my feed, in between watching my friends’ stories or a random post on my explore page. When I see an ad or post from these brands, I visit their website to check out their collection. One of those brands I came across on Instagram is Reputation Studio, formerly known as Lakenzie Menswear. In this post, I will give my official Reputation Studios review. After my review is a curated collection of clothes that I like and recommends from them.

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About Reputation Studios

Based in Europe, Reputation Studios, formerly known as Lakenzie, is an up-and-coming streetwear brand that is making a name for itself by selling clothes that have the same high quality as expensive name brands but at more affordable prices. Reputation Studios is known for their track jeans especially, in addition to their biker and ripped jeans. Their jeans typically go for between $70 to $90. Reputation Studios also sells some track pants, cargo pants, denim shorts, drop crop shorts, basketball shorts, hoodies, and t-shirts.

My Reputation Studios Experience

I first came across Reputation Studios on Instagram via a random post on my Explore Page that caught my attention. The post compared the cheaper outfit featuring Lakenzie jeans with a similar but much more expensive one. With the prices of each clothing item shown in the post, the Lakenzie jeans were only $70. Seeing the jeans and their price impressed me and prompted me to learn more.

First Purchase

After eyeing Lakenzie Menswear, now Reputation Studios, for a while, I make my first purchase in March 2019. I chose the Distressed Track Denim – Light Stone because these are the Lakenzie jeans I first saw on Instagram. I immediately fell in love with them. They were very comfortable, fit true to my size, and stretched whenever needed, whether I was sitting down, walking, kneeling, etc.

Additional Purchases

Being satisfied with my first purchase, my next purchase is not one, but two pairs of denim shorts just in time for the peak of summer. One pair is light blue and the other pair is black. I was impressed with both of these shorts as well. 

By September, I ordered two more pairs of jeans, just in time for the upcoming fall season. The jeans are the Biker Patch Denim – White and the Cargo Denim – Black. While I like the Cargo Denim – Black, I did not like the Biker Patch Denim – White because of how they fit me. Despite ordering in the right size at the time, I learned that my waist decreased by an inch or two. This happened after graduating college, switching up my diet, and beginning my exercise journey.

I tried to order a replacement pair in a smaller size. However, that size had sold out. As a result, I order a similar Biker Patch Denim – Light Stone in my new size. Thankfully, Lakenzie gave me a discount code so all I had to pay for was shipping. Despite not being the original style I want, it is still a decent alternative.

Tyler Jurelle wearing the Distressed Track Denim - Light Stone, from Lakenzie, now known as Reputation Studios.
Tyler Jurelle wearing the Distressed Track Denim - Light Stone, from Lakenzie, now known as Reputation Studios.


I have to be honest, I was not too impressed by Reputation Studios’ shipping. when I made my first three purchases, no matter when I placed the order, I had to wait until a set date for my order to be fulfilled, which sometimes took over a week. Due to the long wait time just for my order to be fulfilled, I felt that I had to pay more for faster shipping just so I would not wait any longer.

I hope this shipping discrepancy does not deter you from purchasing from Reputation Studios because it certainly did not for me. In fact, after recently checking their website, I did not see anything about items being fulfilled on a specific date anymore, so maybe this is no longer a thing. Now, I receive my orders within a week of placing them.

Final Thoughts

Overall I like Reputation Studios and am happy Instagram suggested them to me. Since my first few purchases, they have increased their collection with new styles. While I am not a fan of all of their new styles, it is great that Reputation Studios still offers clothes I would like to own. As a result, I plan on purchasing more clothes from them soon.

In the meantime, my official Reputation Studios wish list is available below. It includes all Reputation Studios clothes I already own, and new styles I like, and recommend you check out. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below this post or send me a message.

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Reputation Studios Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my Reputation Studio Recommendations. This section is a wish list of Reputation Studios products I like, already own, would like to own, and recommend to you. I created and update this wish list through Pinterest. Hope you like what you see.

Instructions: Click on a photo to open its pin on Pinterest. Then click on the “Visit” (or “Visit Site”) button to access the product’s official page and purchase it.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT an affiliate or ambassador of Reputation Studios. This means that I will not receive any compensation if you choose to buy any products displayed below via the links provided. This is why I am displaying my Reputation Studios recommendations via Pinterest. I truly like this brand and its collection; this is all voluntary. Please read my full Disclaimers for more information.

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This post was originally published on: 08/16/2019

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