To be clear, I HATE politics with a STRONG passion. I wouldn’t say I like it because of the games people in politics feel they HAVE to play. Unfortunately, those games only hurt “We The People” in the end. The people political games hurt the most are young people like myself, regardless of race and [for the most part] social class.

As the future of this country, too many of us feel that we do not have much to look forward to. This is because there are too many old and out-of-touch people in politics. These “career politicians” are too invested in benefiting themselves and their donors instead of those who put and keep them in office. This has only gotten worse, and it needs to stop. I feel like this section is my way of doing my part.

To be clear again, the blog posts in this section are not written to solely air out my grievances with political matters. Instead, they are written to educate people on what is really going on and how to stop it. Too many people do not know how politics works, so they are not motivated to do their part to make a change. That is what politicians and their games count on, and I want to help stop it.

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