NVLTY London Review & Recommendations (2023)

One thing about me is I am all for supporting quality black-owned businesses. A black-owned business I would like to talk about is called N V L T Y London. Pronounced “Novelty” without the vowels, NVLTY London is a streetwear brand based in London, England. In this post, I will give my full NVLTY London review. After my review is a curated collection of items I both like and recommend to you.

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I start this post with this fact because I was surprised when I learned that N V L T Y (Novelty without the vowels) London’s two founders Jonah Smith and Jacob Hungo are Black. I did not know this until before I started writing this post, while I was doing last-minute final research and came across an interview of them (click here to read the interview). Trust me; I was surprised in a good way because I have been following N V L T Y London on Instagram for several years now. I have been dying to support this brand ever since I first discovered them.

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About NVLTY London

N V L T Y London is an urban streetwear brand based in London, England. Established in 2014, they sell entire tracksuits (pants and jackets), track shorts, ripped and biker jeans, cargo pants, and plaid flannel long-sleeved shirts. They also sell name-brand accessories such as bags, hats, socks, and even glasses. Originally catering to men, NVLTY London now sells women’s clothing.

According to the interview, Jonah and Jacob have worked hard to grow their business into what it is today. They started by only making two shirts and posting on a blog. Within three months, they would gain over 10,000 followers. Now, NVLTY London is selling their products worldwide. I admire the fact that these guys put in the hard work and now all of it is starting to pay off.

NVLTY London Experience

Their hard work is paying off if I was able to discover them. I have also noticed some of my friends have found NVLTY and have made purchases of their own. I first discovered N V L T Y London on Instagram when I came across a picture of their Biker Cargos. Coming in Black, Beige, and Olive, I immediately fell in love with these pants and have been eyeing them for a very long time. 

N V L T Y London is not a cheap apparel brand. For example, the Bike Cargo pants cost about 55 British pounds, which is about $68 United States dollars, plus shipping. Keep in mind these costs reflect before rising inflation and declining currency value.

Unfortunately, I could never purchase these pants for two primary reasons:

  1. I could not always afford them, and every time I could,
  2. My size always sold out once I finally could afford to buy them.

First Purchase

Finally, I was able to purchase some clothes from N V L T Y in March 2019. Rather than buy the biker cargo pants I have always wanted, I decided to purchase their Mid Blue Destroyed Zip Jeans instead. For starters, for 12 British Pounds, which is about $14.50 in United States dollars, shipping took a long time. I waited over two weeks for these jeans. When they finally arrived, I tried them, only to learn that they fit a little too big, despite the website suggesting I stick to my correct size.

I did not want to exchange the jeans for a smaller size because I waited too long for them to arrive in the first place. I did not have any more patience to wait for an exchanged pair to arrive. After trying to wash and dry them a few times hoping they would shrink, I eventually gave up. I gave the jeans to one of my friends. Ironically, the jeans fit him perfectly, even though I know he is one size above me. He loves them and has worn them a lot since I gave them to him.

Additional Purchases

Despite being disappointed in my first purchase, I did give NVLTY London a second chance. My next purchase would include three items:

  1. Panelled Track Pants – Grey/White
  2. Panelled Track Pants – Black/White
  3. Biker Cargos – Beige

I really like the Panelled Track Pants because they make the best alternative to the Adidas Tiro Training pants I wear often. NVLTY London’s Panelled Track Pants are not too thin as the Adidas Tiro pants. However, they are not as thick as sweatpants and most similar track pants from other streetwear brands.

These two qualities alone make the track pants comfortable for any movement throughout the spring, fall, and most of the winter seasons. Finally, the quality of the material is superb. I purchased these pants in 2019 and they are still intact today.

With the Biker Cargo pants in beige, I am just happy to finally be able to purchase a pair. Despite being slightly bigger than expected at the waist, the length and fit along my legs are perfect. The quality of the material is awesome as well since I also still own these pants today. With shipping being slightly better than my first purchase, it is safe to say my second chance purchase with NVLTY London was a success.


As alluded to earlier, NVLTY London’s shipping can certainly be better. Orders can take a little too long to arrive to customers. The length of shipping time depends on where the customer is shipping their order to and NVLTY’s carrier Royal Mail. So far, my orders take two to three days to fulfill, and about a week to deliver to me in the United States.

While I personally have yet to experience any major shipping issues with NVLTY, that does not mean other customers have not. In fact, there are a growing number of bad reviews on NVLTY London written on Trustpilot. All the bad reviews all talk about poor shipping plus bad customer service. It is getting to the point where even I am getting skeptical about making another purchase with them.

Final Thoughts

I truly like N V L T Y London’s collection of clothes. They have some nice-looking clothes, for both men and women, and for just about any season. Plus, the materials used are great and are almost guaranteed to last long. However, NVLTY’s shipping quality has declined. At the same time, so has the quality of their customer service.

I am still providing some recommendations for NVLTY London men’s clothes I like below. However, if NVLTY London still wants to be taken seriously as a streetwear brand, it must do a better job shipping its products to its customers and responding to customer inquiries.

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N V L T Y London Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my NVLTY London Recommendations. This section is a wish list of NVLTY London products I like, already own, would like to own, and recommend to you. I created and update this wish list through Pinterest. Hope you like what you see.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT an affiliate or ambassador of NVLTY London. This means that I will not receive any compensation if you choose to buy any products displayed below via the links provided. This is why I am displaying my NVLTY London recommendations via Pinterest. I like this brand and its collection; this is all voluntary. Please read my full Disclaimers for more information.

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This post was originally published on: 08/19/2019

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  1. Thank you for exposing me to this brand of which I was unfamiliar/ It is disappointing when a brand you really like doesn’t have the support and infrastructure to support the quality you find in the product but hopefully, they will step that up to match their cool streetwear style.

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