Deception Toronto Review & Recommendations (2024)

A streetwear brand that is long overdue for a review due to my busy schedule is called Deception Toronto. Based in Toronto, Canada, Deception is a rising men’s streetwear brand that is inspired by United Kingdom fashion. In this post, I will give my official deception Toronto review. After my review is a curated collection of Deception clothing I like and recommend you check out.

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About Deception Toronto

Founded by former professional hockey player Matia Marcantuoni, Deception’s goal is to bring U.K. fashion to Canada. They sell a variety of men’s clothing, including t-shirts, jeans, trousers, track pants, and more.

My Deception Toronto Experience

I first discovered Deception Toronto towards the end of last summer on Instagram. A picture of their Miami Plaid Trousers popped up on my explore page and immediately grabbed my attention. I spent some time checking out the rest of their inventory and was immediately impressed. As I was preparing to purchase some new gear for the fall/winter seasons, I prioritized Deception.

First Purchase

Around September 2019, I make my first purchase from Deception Toronto. I ordered the pair of pants I first saw, Miami Plaid Trousers, with the matching shirt Miami Plaid Tee.

Unfortunately, there were a few issues with my order. For starters, almost two weeks went by since initially placing my order, and I did not receive it. I even did not receive my confirmation email with tracking or any updates. As a result, I had to contact them.

Despite the shipping issues, my order eventually arrived. Upon trying on the clothes, I was impressed. Despite the trousers fitting slightly tighter than expected, they were still comfortable, stretched well, and looked good on me.

On the other hand, the Miami Plaid Tee fit fine in my chest and arm area. However, despite ordering in my true size, the shirt still feels slightly bigger and longer than expected. It looks like a longline shirt, which I do not mind at all, despite not being my intention. The shirt still looks good, whether I choose to wear it tucked into my pants or regularly.

Next Purchase

Satisfied with my first purchase, I make my next purchase. At the start of 2020, I ordered the Cesar Military Cargo Jeans. Once again, I was impressed.

Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to Deception’s warning that the jeans have a super skinny fit. Therefore, I should have ordered one size up from my true size. As a result, the jeans were a little tighter than expected.

However, they do stretch well when worn to ensure maximum efficiency while moving. This feature alone made up for the fact that they were a little tighter than expected on me. I can go about my day in these jeans with no issues or serious discomfort at all.

The only issue with shipping I had with this order is I never received any tracking details. While this did cause some concern, the jeans did arrive within a week. I just did not know when they would arrive until they were on my front porch.

Tyler Jurelle wearing Deception Toronto's Miami Plaid Shirt and their Cesar Military Cargo Pants.
Tyler Jurelle wearing the Cesar Military Cargo Jeans, sold by Deception Toronto.

Shipping & Customer Service Experience

As mentioned earlier, I did have some minor issues with shipping with Deception Toronto. However, the quality of their customer service does make up for the inconvenience. Normally, I hate sending emails to a company’s customer service team because of the chance of not getting a fast response. However, I do like that Deception’s customer service responds very quickly. 

For example, with my first order, customer service quickly let me know that the delay in shipment was due to customs holding it up. Customer service did give me a new ETA for my order, which was accurate. They also gave me a nice discount for my next order for the inconvenience, which I appreciated. 

I felt better knowing that my order being held up was not Deception’s fault, and I appreciated their quick response time. However, I believe they can do better at keeping customers informed on the status of their orders. Helpful updates can include:

  • Confirmation emails for when orders have been processed and fulfilled. 
  • Provide tracking numbers, and 
  • Communicate any issues that may arise that will cause a delay in shipment. 

These tips, among others, will help prevent customers, especially new customers, from feeling left in the dark about the status of their purchase. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like Deception Toronto’s collection. I am pleased Instagram advertised them to me. Deception’s style certainly matches mine, especially when I want to go out. Also, they are, for the most part, affordable. I just have to remember that the pricing on their website is in Canadian dollars by default instead of U.S. dollars.

Either way, I plan on purchasing more clothes from them soon. Hopefully, I will not have any more shipping issues. Also, I hope Deception does a better job of keeping customers updated on the status of their orders.

If you are thinking about purchasing clothing from Deception Toronto, check out my official Deception Toronto recommendations and wish list below. Also, leave a comment or send me a message with your feedback and/or questions you may have.

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Deception Toronto Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my Deception Toronto Recommendations. This section is a wish list of Deception products I like, already own, would like to own, and recommend to you. I created and update this wish list through Pinterest. Hope you like what you see.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT an affiliate or ambassador of Deception Toronto. This means that I will not receive any compensation if you choose to buy any products displayed below via the links provided. This is why I am displaying my Deception recommendations via Pinterest. I truly like the Deception brand and their collection; this is all voluntary. Please read my full Disclaimers for more information.

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This post was originally published on: 03/01/2020

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