Entrepreneur Spotlight: Stay Mega by Misha Theberge

As part of my Entrepreneur Spotlight series, I highlight up-and-coming entrepreneurs like myself working extremely hard to achieve their business goals. The entrepreneurs I feature are people I encounter throughout my professional life and get to know. If their story and business endeavors inspire me, I write about them to help gain exposure to their business goals. For my first Entrepreneur Spotlight, I want to talk about a young man named Misha Theberge from my home state of New Jersey. He has his own streetwear clothing brand called Stay Mega.

I met Misha through his father in the summer of 2023 at a networking event hosted by The Digilogue in New York City. The Digilogue is a community of music and tech creators and industry professionals. They host discussions and programs for music artists and people trying to get ahead behind the scenes in the music industry. In addition, they also provide industry education, career resources, and help with artist discovery. If you are trying to break into the music industry, either as an artist or behind-the-scenes professional, I recommend tapping into this group.

Now, I’m not trying to break into the music industry. However, I am actively trying to connect with artists and music industry professionals. Also, I have an Entertainment section and Music sub-section for my blog, which I plan on publishing content for soon. While I may not have attended The Digilogue’s event primarily for music, ironically, Misha was not either. He and his father, among other reasons such as music, connected with creators regarding his street fashion brand Stay Mega. I will focus on his brand Stay Mega in this Entrepreneur Spotlight.

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About Stay Mega

Stay Mega Storefront hats

Stay Mega is where streetwear meets inspiration, and fashion is more than just clothing. It was founded by Misha, affectionately known as “Mega Meesh,” in his hometown of Englewood, New Jersey, in 2022. But Stay Mega is more than just clothing for men; it’s a passion-driven journey that combines Misha’s love for sports, streetwear fashion, and a desire to make luxury accessible.

Mega Meesh’s Vision

One reason why Misha and I were able to connect so quickly is because, first, he hails from my home state of New Jersey, North Jersey, to be exact. This fellow East Coast native kickstarted his journey into streetwear fashion by opening his brand’s first pop-up shop in Englewood, NJ. However, Stay Mega didn’t begin as a fashion endeavor. It was inspired by Misha’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for music and sports such as BMX biking and triathlons. His experiences growing up and his love for sports were the driving force behind his brand.

Luxury for All

Stay Mega isn’t just about clothing; it’s a lifestyle. Inspired by popular luxury streetwear apparel that Misha admired but couldn’t afford to support, Stay Mega brings luxury within reach of everyone. Mega Meesh’s unique blend of style and affordability has struck a chord with fashion-conscious individuals like myself, who appreciate high-quality streetwear without the exorbitant price tag.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Misha Theberge

I want to write about Misha for my Entrepreneur Spotlight because his story and passion for his brand inspire me. Being a young entrepreneur trying to start a business is a challenging endeavor. However, Misha proves to be up for that challenge. Even though he is still only a teenager, he is doing better than me at working towards achieving his goals. As young entrepreneurs should, he’s been able to take his circumstances and use them to his benefit.

From Fingerboards to Streetwear for Men

Stay Mega White Hoodie front

Misha’s journey into the fashion world had its hiccups. In his earlier years, he got in trouble at school for selling fingerboards on campus, showcasing his early knack for entrepreneurship. However, this incident served as a catalyst for his transition into the streetwear industry. Misha’s creativity, tenacity, and love for street culture converged to create Stay Mega.

Love for Fashion

Misha and I share a similar love and backstory for fashion, which we’ve used to propel our entrepreneurial journey. As mentioned earlier, Stay Mega is inspired by Misha’s love for popular luxury streetwear brands he admired but could not afford to support. Similarly, my passion for modeling and creating men’s fashion content, both visually and written via this blog, also stems from my love for popular luxury streetwear apparel that I too could not afford to support.

Misha used his financial circumstances as inspiration to start a clothing brand where he designed the style of clothes he wanted to buy and sell at more affordable rates. On the other hand, I used my financial circumstances as inspiration to create my own brand, where I get to hopefully work with those brands I couldn’t afford, among other things.

NJ Spotlight News Business Beat Feature

Another thing that impressed me about Misha is that he is already doing interviews and appearances, in addition to pop-up shops, to spread awareness about his small business. Earlier in 2023, he appeared in New Jersey Spotlight News on the NJ Business Beat segment. Hosted by Raven Santana, they discussed Misha’s inspiration behind Stay Mega and how he juggles being an entrepreneur, student, and a teenager.

During the interview, Misha talked about how he wanted to buy a Supreme hoodie during the pandemic, but it was too expensive. When he looked on StockX for a cheaper price, he still could not get a more affordable price. He did not want to spend over $100 for a hoodie with just a brand name on it, and that’s it.

Another thing he discussed in the interview is that he actively sells his clothes at pop-up shops and online. His main goals involve growing his business by increasing brand awareness. He also wants his brand to have something for everyone to consider.

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Recommend Stay Mega

I have reviewed Stay Mega’s inventory, and I am thoroughly impressed. As someone who is passionate about men’s streetwear fashion, I would absolutely wear Misha’s clothing. His streetwear designs are both unique and artistic, yet simple enough to wear on any day. Additionally, he uses clothes with the perfect color tones to complement his designs and provide a complete streetwear aesthetic.

Misha frequently releases new clothes via entire collections. Right now, his Fall/Winter 23 collection is available. So far, my favorite collection from his brand is the Motion Collection, which includes only t-shirts.

I think Misha did a great job with the designs of these shirts. He clearly understands that quality streetwear features more than just printing your brand name on it, and that’s it. With multiple color options for each t-shirt, his designs around the brand name look great on all of them.

My top three t-shirts in the Motion collection are:

  1. ABOVE T-shirt in either Military Green or Sand.
  2. Expressions T-shirt in either Gold, Sand, Military Green, or White.
  3. Differences T-shirt in either Charcoal, Military Green, or Orange.

Based on the News page, he also releases collections for the Spring/Summer, Back-to-School collections, and mini collections throughout the year. To know when a new collection is released, it is best to subscribe to receive Stay Mega email updates.

Final Thoughts

Meeting Misha and his father at the Digilogue event this past summer was truly a pleasure. I am proud of Misha’s hard work with his clothing brand. Seriously, this kid is going places, and I look forward to seeing what he does next. If you are looking for some new casual streetwear clothing to add to your wardrobe, I recommend checking out Stay Mega. Support small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Thank you so much for reading my latest Entrepreneur Spotlight. If you, or someone you know, is an up-and-coming entrepreneur in need of more exposure for their endeavors, send me a message so we can connect.

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This post was originally published on: 12/05/2023

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