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Craftd London Review & Recommendations (2024)

Adding jewelry and accessories to my overall style can challenge me and other men. We cannot buy jewelry in the same way women can. There is a stigma that men must own real, authentic, and expensive jewelry. In my official Craftd London review, I will discuss how I believe Craftd London breaks that stigma. They provide quality and authentic jewelry for men at affordable prices.

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About Craftd London

Craftd London is a premium jewelry brand for men. They sell pendants, chains, bracelets, and rings. Founded by both Alex Cannon and Danny Buck, they are based in the United Kingdom and sell to over 100 countries worldwide.


Their website shows Craftd’s vision is to bridge the gap between quality and the high markups plaguing the men’s jewelry industry. Also, they make jewelry for people who value self-belief and know who they are. Craftd London prefers this approach because their pieces, specifically their pendants, have meanings customers can relate to.

Craftd London Experience

It is Craftd’s vision that secured my support for them. First, their pieces prove they bridge the gap between quality and affordable prices. Although pieces are as cheap as $34, the quality of the design and material, no matter the cost, is superb. Second, Craftd jewelry are both sweatproof and waterproof. So far, I have worn my pieces while exercising and in a pool, and they have yet to rust, fade, or turn a different color.

Second, Craftd is indeed all about self-belief. Their pendants and rings have meanings behind them. These meanings are meant to relate to customers and align with their identity. Indeed, reading the meanings behind their pendants helped me make my final decision. 

First Purchase

My first purchase from Craftd London includes their Rope Gold Chain, the matching bracelet, and the St. Christopher Gold Pendant. I purchased the Rope Gold Chain in size 50cm and the bracelet in size 19cm. Both pieces come in 18K Gold and Premium 316L Stainless Steel.

I purchased the rope chain first because part of me wanted to hold off on the Cuban link chain. Yes, Craftd’s Cuban links range from $67 to $107. However, my instincts keep telling me to wait. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted a rope chain. They are more stylish and better suited for my first gold chain. 

I could not resist the matching rope bracelet and its $34 price. Usually, I do not wear bracelets, any wrist jewelry, or even watches. However, so far, I am impressed. My only issue with this bracelet is its small and slippery lock. It is tricky and sometimes time-consuming to put on. However, the more I wear the bracelet, the easier it gets to secure on my wrist.

St. Christopher Gold Pendant

It did not take long to decide on the rope chain with its matching bracelet. However, Craftd does suggest pairing them with a pendant. Choosing a pendant did take some time because I did want to pick one I could relate to best, as Craftd intended. Ultimately, I decided on the St. Christopher Gold Pendant. 

Craftd London describes the St. Christopher Gold Pendant as a protector for wearers while on their journey, whatever or wherever it may be. It means having faith that no matter how crazy a life journey gets, everything will work out. 

I chose this pendant because I am always on a journey. Either I am always traveling somewhere or working towards personal and professional goals. For example, this blog, my modeling, and overall entrepreneur endeavors are journeys I am currently on. Therefore, this pendant serves its purpose by reminding me never to give up as I work towards them daily.

Story of St. Christopher

The story of St. Christopher, the patron of safe travels, inspires this pendant. According to Silas Henderson on Aleteia, St. Christopher was a big and strong man. Once a thief and robber, he sought someone powerful to serve. At first, he served the devil. However, he later serves Jesus Christ when he learns how powerful he is. 

Learning the Christian faith from a hermit, St. Christopher is instructed to carry travelers across a dangerous local river. One traveler he carries grows heavy as they cross the river. Upon reaching the other side, the child is now a grown man. That child reveals himself as Jesus Christ. Jesus explains to St. Christopher that he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder.


Prior to purchasing from Craftd London, I came across positive shipping reviews. So many customers around the world said their orders arrived within a week. I paid extra for faster 2-day shipping. I wanted to ensure the pieces come in time for an upcoming photoshoot. However, given the positive reviews, my pieces would have arrived on time if I had paid for standard shipping.

Craftd London ships their jewelry to various locations around the world. However, shipping costs and delivery time vary by your chosen carrier and location. Items shipped within Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand dispatch via their United Kingdom warehouse. Also, items shipped within the United States dispatch via their warehouse in Ohio.

Shipping Details by Region:

  • Europe uses Royal Mail for standard shipping and DHL for express. Standard shipping is free for orders over 90 euros and takes 5-10 business days. Otherwise, it costs 9.95 euros. DHL express delivery can take 2-4 business days. However, final shipping costs will depend on your location.
  • United Kingdom and Northern Islands orders process within 24-48 hours. They also use Royal Mail for standard shipping but DPD for express. Standard shipping is free for orders over 75 British Pounds. Otherwise, it costs 3.99 pounds. DPD express shipping costs 7.99 pounds and takes 1-2 business days.
  • The United States uses USPS First Class for standard shipping and FedEx Express for express. Standard shipping is free for orders over $100 and takes 2-3 business days. Otherwise, it costs $4.99. Express shipping will take 1-2 business days. However, the final cost will depend on your location. 
  • Canada orders will use Royal Mail in the U.K. and CanadaPost in Canada for standard shipping. DHL is used for express shipping. Standard shipping is free for orders over 125 CAD and takes 7-10 business days. Otherwise, it costs 7 CAD. Final details on DHL Express depend on your location.
  • Australia and New Zealand use RoyalMail in the U.K. and then AusPost for standard shipping. DHL is used for express shipping. Standard shipping is free for orders over AUD 150 or AUD 15. Final details on DHL Express depend on your location there.

Returns & Exchanges

Craftd London allows customers to return or exchange their orders within 14 days of delivery. They can receive a refund or store credit for a new product. Unfortunately, United States customers cannot receive refunds for unwanted orders. We can only exchange or receive store credit for a new product. Finally, while returns are not free, exchanged and replaced orders will be shipped free of charge.

Final Thoughts

Ever since I began improving my personal style, I wanted to increase my jewelry collection. I want to own more than the diamond tennis chain given to me. Despite not having hundreds of dollars to spend on expensive jewelry, I want to avoid settling for average quality in exchange for better prices. Craftd London is precisely the jewelry store I have been looking for.

Craftd’s prices are great for me, and the quality is impressive. I can go about my active lifestyle without worrying about wear and tear. Also, their pieces have meaning, so I am not buying anything simply because of the look. I certainly plan on buying more Craftd pieces in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my Craftd London review and you found some value in it. If so, check out my official list of Craftd London recommendations below to see the pieces I like and recommend to you. Also, leave a comment below or message me with any thoughts.


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Craftd London Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my Craftd London Recommendations. This section is a wish list of Craftd London products I like, already own, would like to own, and recommend to you. I created and update this wish list through Pinterest. Hope you like what you see.

Instructions: Click on a photo to open its pin on Pinterest. Then click on the “Visit” (or “Visit Site”) button to access the product’s official page and purchase it.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT an affiliate or ambassador of Craftd London. This means that I will not receive any compensation if you choose to buy any products displayed below via the links provided. This is why I am displaying my Craftd London recommendations via Pinterest. I truly like their brand and collection; this is all voluntary. Please read my full Disclaimers for more information.

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This post was originally published on: 12/15/2020

14 Responses

  1. Excited to show this to my husband! He’s always on the hunt for sweat-proof options since he’s a runner! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Love a well crafted jewelry that offers more than just a pretty face, so I’m digging this line. Especially like the St. Christopher pendant that offers protection to the wearer. Thanks for bringing this brand to our attention.

  3. I love a well crafted jewelry that offers more than just a pretty face, so I’m digging this line. Especially like the St. Christopher pendant that offers protection to the wearer. Thanks for bringing this brand to our attention.

  4. Never heard of this brand before but I love the North Star pieces! They do seem like a good balance giving high quality but without the high end price tag!

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