Luxury Twist Styler Review (2023): The Best Alternative to Sponge Brushes

If you follow my website and social media content, you will see a consistent hairstyle I rock. It is curly/coily hair for my mini afro. To achieve this look, I use a sponge brush. However, after a while, sponge brushes are not safe for my hair. Therefore, I eventually have to keep replacing them. Well, not anymore!

One day, when visiting a local beauty supply store to get a new sponge brush, I came across the Bow Wow Luxury Twist Styler. Its reusable design convinced me to try it, and I am impressed. In this article, I will share my official Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler Review. Here, I will explain why I believe this is the best alternative to sponge brushes.

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What is the Luxury Twist Styler?

The Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler is a collaborative product, including the rapper Bow Wow and a hair care company called Red by Kiss. Starting with Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, is a rapper, actor, TV host, and entrepreneur. His rap hits include Let Me Hold You,” featuring R&B singer Omarion from the group B2K, and Like You,” featuring R&B singer Ciara. Some of his notable acting credits include Johnson Family Vacation,” Like Mike,” Roll Bounce,” Lottery Ticket,” and more. He also hosted BET’s 106 & Park until the show’s end.

Red by Kiss is a black-owned hair care brand. They provide quality hair tools, accessories, color, and other hair care products at affordable prices. Red by Kiss also partners with urban celebrities, such as Bow Wow, for custom hair care products. Another partnership they currently have is with the R&B singer Keyshia Cole for her hat and bonnet collections. Their products are sold on Amazon and various local beauty supply stores across the United States.

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Shad Moss (Bow Wow) via licia5 on Fliickr.

Bow Wow and Red by Kiss collaborated to create the Twist King Luxury Twist Styler. It is a washable and durable twist brush for afro curls. Its washable and durable materials allow it to last twice as long as regular sponge brushes because you can clean it before each use. Also, its curved shape allows for comfortable handling.

Finally, the luxury twist styler comes in three sizes:

The Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler
The Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler

What is a Sponge Brush?

Before I explain why the Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Style is better than a sponge brush, I must explain what a sponge brush is for readers who may not know. A sponge brush, also known as a hair sponge or curl sponge, is a grooming tool designed specifically for naturally dry and textured hair. It provides a simple and chemical-free way to style these hair types in a defined and well-textured appearance.

The sponge brush is widely used by black people, like me, and other people of color with natural hair, coils, curls, or dreadlocks to create defined curls or enhance existing ones. The brush typically consists of a sponge-like material with small, evenly spaced holes or indentations. It’s those evenly spaced holes or indentations that, when twirling or rotating it on our hair in circular motions, curl it in a more defined and textured look without the need for chemicals or heat styling.

It is essential to understand that the sponge brush may not work for everyone. Black people, like myself, use it because our hair is naturally dry, coily, and textured. If your hair is naturally more fine or straight, the sponge brush and its intended hair styling purpose will likely not work for your hair.

Sponge Brush
Sponge Brush

How to Use a Sponge Brush

The process of using a sponge brush is relatively simple:

  1. Dampen your hair
  2. Detangle your hair
  3. Apply hair product
  4. Use your sponge brush
  5. Repeat

Dampen your hair

Before using the sponge brush, make sure your hair is slightly damp. Depending on your specific black hair type, you may need to dampen your hair anyway to make step two of picking out your hair easier to do. However, either way, make sure your hair is clean and damp first. You can mist your hair with water or apply a leave-in conditioner for added moisture. You can also wait a few minutes after your usual shampoo and condition routine.

Detangle your hair

Once your hair is damp, use a hair pick to detangle your hair. This step aims to remove any knapps and bring your hair to its full length. You want a fresh start with this process that ensures your hair is loose and ready to be styled however you like.

Apply hair product

To enhance the curling effect, apply a styling product such as a curl cream, curl enhancer, or hair gel to your hair before using the sponge brush. Usually, most hair care lines’ shampoo + conditioner regimens include a hair moisturizer and styling product as their third step. You can use the sponge brush after your third-step hair moisturizer and styling product. After using your hair styling product, you can pick out your hair again if you like or need to.

Use your sponge brush

Place the sponge brush on any section of hair you want to curl first. In a circular motion, rotate the brush over your hair. Remember, the tiny holes or indentations in the sponge create a twisting effect that encourages the hair to curl.


Continue rotating the sponge brush on different sections of your hair until you achieve your desired curl pattern style.

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Why is the Luxury Twist Styler a Better Alternative to Sponge Brushes?

The Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler is a better alternative to sponge brushes. It works well with all hair sizes, unlike other options. Also, you can clean your luxury twist styler and prolong its use twice as long as a regular sponge brush. You do not have to replace the Luxury Twist Styler as much, if at all, as a regular sponge brush. Finally, the Luxury Twist Styler is designed to hold comfortably and store safely for future use.

Problems with Sponge Brushes for Hair:

Using a sponge brush for your hair can produce issues after a while. Some of those issues include:

  • Hair hygiene issues: Sponge brushes can accumulate dirt, oil, and hair product residue over time. Using a dirty sponge brush can be unhygienic for your hair and scalp. It can make your hair greasy and dull.
  • Breakage and damage: Using a dirty sponge brush and improper use can lead to hair breakage and damage. Too much breakage and damage can show signs of hair loss. Regrowing it can become a long and difficult journey.
  • Scalp irritation: You could irritate your scalp using a sponge brush with rough bristles and misusing it, such as aggressive circular motions. Too much scalp irritation could cause hair loss.

Other Sponge Brush Alternatives

The only other sponge brush alternative I have tried is the Twist It Up Comb. This comb features a stainless steel woven pattern. It measures up against the Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler because it, too, is:

  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Portable

However, I could not fully commit to this alternative because it did not work well for my shorter afro. While it does advertise effective use for all hair sizes, I found it easier to use when I let my afro grow out more than I usually allow it to.

Also, for this product to be as effective, your hair must be dry, and you must apply aggressive pressure. As explained earlier in this review, depending on your natural and desired hairstyle, this is not always a good idea.

How to Use the Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler?

To use the Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler in a way that effectively curls/coils your hair, you must:

  1. Make sure your hair is clean. If you must, wash and condition your hair before use. Ideally, doing this once or twice a week would be best. This depends on how often you use hair products and how much you use in between wash days.
  2. Use a hair pick to detangle your hair, as mentioned earlier.
  3. Make sure your hair is damp with water and/or use a hair styling product. Also, make sure you do not use too much water or hair products. If needed, pick out your hair again afterward.
  4. Brush your hair with the twist styler in circular motions. Even though this twist styler is built for durability, you want to make sure your circular motions are not too aggressive. Also, make sure your circular motions are in the same direction as you work through all sections of your head.
  5. Clean your twist styler often so it does not accumulate dirt or hair product residue. Exposing your hair to these toxins can have long-term consequences for your hair and scalp. Since the Luxury Twist Styler is made of sturdy rubber plastic, it can be washed with liquid soap and water.

Where to Buy the Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler?

The Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler can be purchased at any local beauty supply store. Ideally, find a beauty supply store that carries most hair products for black people and people of color. They will most likely have the original size in stock. I got lucky and found the Curved & Dense size for my shorter afro.

If you want to avoid going to your local beauty supply store and hope they sell this twist styler at all, or you need a specific size, go to Amazon. Red by Kiss sells this twist styler and its available sizes on their Amazon store. Other vendors on Amazon also sell them for similar prices. Also, you will find different bundles with additional valuable products to go with your twist styler. Best of all, just about all of these vendors allow Amazon Prime, so you will get your twist styler promptly.

Final Thoughts

I have been using sponge brushes to style my hair this way for about a decade now; since high school. Constantly replacing a sponge brush because I either lost it or it got too dirty became annoying. Also, since I was not always quick to replace my sponge brushes because they got dirty, I was putting my hair at risk of permanent damage.

I am grateful to finally find an alternative to solve the cleanliness problem. I’ve only been using the Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler for at least a month before writing this review, and I am very impressed. Not only do I appreciate that I can clean it, thereby prolonging its use, but it does work. To me, that is the most crucial aspect of this alternative; it works just as well as a regular sponge brush for styling my hair. Now, I have to remember not to lose it.

I hope you enjoyed my Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler review. Please consider buying one for yourself or the man in your life who needs to replace his sponge brush. Leave a comment below with any feedback you may have. You can also send me a message with any questions or further feedback.

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This post was originally published on: 08/30/2023

21 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen a sponge brush in the market yet, I hope soon though, I would like to give it a try, for my not-so-cooperating hair. 😀

    1. Hey Marie, you could potentially find this brush at your local beauty supply store. If not, feel free too order on Amazon. However, you must ensure this brush will work for your particular hair type.

  2. Nice product and I’m sure my grandsons would love to have this for their hair. I’ll add this to the christmas list!

  3. I had never heard of this product before but am curious now. Your tutorial on how to use it was very thorough and will definitely help anyone that tries it.

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