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Until several years ago, I only did the bare minimum with my hair care. This included using any shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week, getting a simple haircut, and only styling it when required. As a result, my hair was still unhealthy. It was dry, nappy, broke easily, and dirty despite regularly washing my hair. All of this, plus stress, led to issues with minor hair thinning. Eventually, I realized that I needed to start caring for my hair better, especially if I wanted to keep it for a long time. Now, I commit to better hair care habits.

The blog posts in this section are about best practices I’ve learned so far on maintaining healthy and stylish hair. They cover many topics, from the best products black men like myself should use to styling tips and techniques. Whether you want to grow your hair, keep it short and sleek, or improve its health, I’ve got you covered. Both informative and engaging, I want to provide you with the knowledge I’m gaining on adopting better hair care habits. I hope to inspire you to take your hair game to the next level with me.

A sponge brush is a hair tool primarily used by black men and black women to style and curl their hair.

Sponge Brush

I, along with many black men and women with short afros, like to use sponge brushes to curl our hair. Sponge brushes are easy to use, affordable, and easy to find in both local beauty supply stores and various online

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Tyler Jurelle uses the Tyler Jurelle Bow Wow x Twist King Luxury Twist Styler to style his hair. Part of the Luxury Twist Styler review.

Luxury Twist Styler Review

If you follow my website and social media content, you will see a consistent hairstyle I rock. It is curly/coily hair for my mini afro. To achieve this look, I use a sponge brush. However, after a while, sponge brushes

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Frederick Benjamin Grooming sells the Curly Hair Kit. Part of Tyler Jurelle's Frederick Benjamin review.

Frederick Benjamin Grooming Review

Finally, finally, FINALLY, I have found a hair care brand that sells the best all-natural hair products for black men. This natural hair care brand is called Frederick Benjamin. They create haircare products and regimens for men with only natural

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