Men's Fashion Recommendations

This fashion recommendations section is important to me for personal reasons. As a teen, I sometimes lacked fashionable clothes because I couldn’t always afford them. As a result, I had to learn to be strategic with the clothes I could soon buy. This involved finding clothes with a style and material that would:

  1. Match with multiple outfit ideas
  2. Not go out of style soon
  3. Physically last long

To my surprise, despite my problems, I would receive compliments on many of my outfits. This helped me realize my ability to: 

  1. Find quality clothes at decent prices. 
  2. Put good-looking outfits together under the worst situations.

This inspired me to create this section. Here is where I include clothes from brands I review that I like and recommend to you. If you have a men’s clothing brand you want me to review, recommend, and more, send me a message.

Stay Mega by Misha Theberge Entrepreneur Spotlight

Stay Mega

As part of my Entrepreneur Spotlight series, I highlight up-and-coming entrepreneurs like myself working extremely hard to achieve their business goals. The entrepreneurs I feature are people I encounter throughout my professional life and get to know. If their story

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Fred Meyer Jewelers review, location in Fort Henry Mall Kingsport, TN

Fred Meyer Jewelers Review & Recommendations

☆☆☆☆☆ 4.7/5 One important fact about me is that I love jewelry. I especially love authentic luxury jewelry. I believe that jewelry is an asset that all men should own. Just one piece worn can enhance any man’s style and

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tyler jurelle, male model and entrepreneur, wearing prstge jeans. Check out his blog and portfolio, specifically his prstge review.

PRSTGE Review & Recommendations

Another men’s streetwear brand to catch my attention on Instagram is called PRSTGE. PRSTGE (Prestige) brings European-inspired streetwear here to the United States. In fact, most of their clothes look like they came from European streetwear brands, including brands I already shop at

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Craftd London St Christopher Gold pendant. Part of the Craftd London review

Craftd London Review & Recommendations

Adding jewelry and accessories to my overall style can challenge me and other men. We cannot buy jewelry in the same way women can. There is a stigma that men must own real, authentic, and expensive jewelry. In my official

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Tyler Jurelle wearing Deception Toronto's Cesar Military Cargo Jeans while at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. Check out his Deception Toronto review and recommendations.

Deception Toronto Review & Recommendations

A streetwear brand that is long overdue for a review due to my busy schedule is called Deception Toronto. Based in Toronto, Canada, Deception is a rising men’s streetwear brand that is inspired by United Kingdom fashion. In this post,

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NVLTY London review logo

NVLTY London Review & Recommendations

One thing about me is I am all for supporting quality black-owned businesses. A black-owned business I would like to talk about is called N V L T Y London. Pronounced “Novelty” without the vowels, NVLTY London is a streetwear

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guapi clothing review and recommendations by Tyler Jurelle

Guapi Clothing Review & Recommendations

I came across a streetwear brand on Instagram called Guapi Clothing. I am really impressed with their designs. They have a great selection of unique and stylish clothing that stands out. They have something for everyone, from their track pants

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Reputation Studios Review & Recommendations

Instagram knows that men’s fashion is one of my interests because of its advanced algorithm. I always come across new clothing brands. Whether it is an ad within my feed, in between watching my friends’ stories or a random post

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Four male models modeling ASOS menswear.

ASOS Menswear Review & Recommendations

★★★★★ 4/5 I am excited to write about a clothing company that has positively impacted my life at a crucial time. In addition to mine, they have positively impacted the lives of millions of other young people worldwide. That company

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