Skin Care

Skin care is essential to every man’s daily routine, regardless of skin tone. However, black men face unique challenges when it comes to taking care of their skin. Because our skin is more sensitive, we are more likely to deal with razor bumps, ingrown hairs, persistent breakouts of pimples, and hyperpigmentation.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve dealt with my skin constantly breaking into pimples. It was disappointing to see this issue persist into adulthood. Once I started shaving for my modeling career and overall appearance, the ingrown hairs became a problem.

All of this led to me wanting to take skin care more seriously. The blog posts in this section are all about my skin care journey. I provide tips, tricks, and product recommendations that best address the specific skin care needs of black men like me. My goal is for us black men to achieve healthy, clear, and glowing skin. Let me help you on your journey to skin care success.

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