Guapi Clothing Review & Recommendations (2023)

I came across a streetwear brand on Instagram called Guapi Clothing. I am really impressed with their designs. They have a great selection of unique and stylish clothing that stands out. They have something for everyone, from their track pants to cargo pants and more. In my official Guapi Clothing review, I will share my experience with them. Also, I will share my opinion on their clothing. Finally, at the end of my review is a curated collection of Guapi clothing I recommend you check out.

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About Guapi Clothing

Aaron Wilhelm founded Guapi Clothing in February 2017. They are a leading streetwear brand that sells unique limited edition designer streetwear to men and women worldwide. In fact, they are best known for their quality, style, and authenticity. 

For both men and women, Guapi sells custom:

  • Demin jeans
  • Tapestry pants
  • Cargo Pants
  • Leather Pants
  • Leather Tags
  • Jackets
  • Biker Masks

Guapi Clothing Experience

Guapi Clothing is one of the best streetwear brands I found on Instagram. I say this because the majority of their collection is unique in design. Sometimes, depending on the occasion and how I feel, I like to wear uniquely styled clothing for as long as they look good. I was impressed at how Guapi could take trendy streetwear clothing and incorporate bold colors and patterns into them. Doing so makes Guapi a go-to brand for any fashion-forward individual looking to make a statement with their style.

Guapi’s catalog is always changing with new styles. When I first discovered them on Instagram in 2019, Guapi had a vast collection of custom track pants. They also sold similar style jeans. However, their most popular pieces at the time were their track pants. To complement their track pants, Guapi also sold matching track jackets to make up full tracksuits, even matching hoodies and sweaters.

First Purchase

When I finally made my first purchase, I chose to buy the ‘Blood Red Fusion Track Pants.’ Upon arrival, I tried the pants on and immediately fell in love with them. These track pants are very comfortable to wear. They fit true to size and are very flexible. Also, these pants stretch the right amount according to my movement and positioning.

What impressed me the most about these track pants is that they look and fit on your body exactly like the online photos. One of my friends confirmed this fact when he asked me about the pants one day. I referred him to the Instagram post I first saw that displays them. You know you’ve made the right decision when other people naturally approve.

After my first time wearing them and even after their first wash, I was highly impressed with how well the material held up. As a result, I made a personal promise to purchase from Guapi again. 

Second Purchase

Satisfied with my first purchase, my next one would include three items instead of one. I purchased the Hollywood’s Bleeding Fusion Track Pants and the Obsidian Black Military Track Pants with the similar Obsidian Black High Voltage Tee. Like my first purchase, I like these pieces for the same reasons. 

I wear the Obsidian Black Military Track Pants the most. To me, they are designed well for casual, everyday wear. I only wear The other track pants and the T-shirt for specific occasions because their designs are so bold.


Guapi Clothing’s shipping is decent. I typically wait for at least a week and pay about $15. More prolonged and expensive shipping is possible when purchasing clothing from small brands in other countries. This is especially true if that company sells extensively customized products. As this is the case for Guapi, I do not hold them to the same shipping standards as other brands I support.

Orders typically take within three business days for Guapi to process. Once processed, actual delivery times vary by location and shipping carrier. Shipping fees, additional taxes, and charges also vary by location and shipping carrier. Since Guapi ships worldwide, they typically use DHL to ship my orders to the United States.

Return & Exchange Policy

Guapi Clothing does allow free returns and exchanges. You can return or exchange unwanted items up to 14 days after delivery. Your items must be unworn, undamaged, and unused, with all tags and the original packaging. To meet the 14-day window, Guapi recommends requesting the return within seven days of delivery so it can arrive at Guapi’s location in time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Guapi Clothing is a great brand worth checking out if you want fresh, trendy streetwear. They provide unique and authentic designs that are sure to stand out. Are their designs good for everyone? Absolutely not! In fact, there was a period of time when even I was not too fond of some of what they were releasing.

However, what I like about Guapi is they are always releasing new clothing with new designs. I knew not to let go of them because it was only a matter of time before they released new styles I would like. Well, here we are in 2023, and I am ready to start shopping at Guapi Clothing again. They are a brand you have to stay updated with. You may not like one release, but you may like the next one.


Thank you so much for reading my Guapi Clothing review. I hope you found value in this post and that you consider checking them out. Like myself, you will not be disappointed. Feel free to leave your feedback or questions in the comments below. Also, check out my curated collection of Guapi Clothes I recommend you check out.

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Guapi Clothing Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my Guapi Clothing Recommendations. This section is a wish list of Guapi products I like, would like to own, and recommend to you. I created and update this wish list through Pinterest. Hope you like what you see.

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This post was originally published on: 08/19/2019

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